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In the village of Limbach

limbach Villa Vinica is a family run facility that is designed to develop rural and wine tourism in the wine region of Little Carphatians. Villa Vinica is located in a quiet area in the picturesque village of Limbach, positioned ideally in the upper part of the village. Villa Vinica offers accommodation in five comfortable rooms, wine bar and wine cellar which offers wine Limbavin - brand of a sister company, homemade cold meals and seasonal dishes to order. You can experience the taste of the selection of wines from around the world as well as the wine selection from Limbach wines. We wish you a pleasant stay in Villa Vinica!


wine-growing village

Limbach Limbach – Peaceful and comfortable village famous for its wine cellars and compelling possibilities of agro tourism.

Little Carpathians

Surrounding region of Villa Vinica

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Wine production

Limbach Limbavin company has been producing quality wines, that you can taste, or buy from us. Villa Vinica is a major seller of wines Limbavin. www.limbavin.sk

Contact informations:


SNP 84/80, 90091 Limbach
mob. NL: 0031 614 407 071
tel. NL: 0031 316 844 086
fax NL: 0031 316 844 086
mail: info@villavinica.eu

OROS BA1 Oddiel : s.r.o. Vložka číslo 66346/B
IČO: 45652937





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